"Finally, when the bottle was opened and the Lisvori anise gave off its sweet smell, the migrants could smell their Greece , their Lesvos...."

  • Ouzo Giannatsis 40 Vol

    Light and pleasant to taste with the distinctive flavour of anise, a touch of mastic, and flower. As an apperetif ouzo, you can choose to drink it with water or ice, which adds a rich emulsion....

  • Ouzo Giannatsis 42 Vol

    Sweet and light, it combines measured the Lisvori anise taste with a rich palette of earthy flavors and starch. This ouzo, produced by 100% distillation, has a long aftertaste and is preferably...

  • Ouzo Giannatsis 45 Vol

    The traditional recipe of Dimitris Yiannatsis has survived the ravages of time and, after almost a century, still lives on today.
    A product of exceptional quality, perfectly balanced in...

  • Liquer Castanelli

    In the shadow of Olympus mountain at an altitude of 700 meters, the Romans planted the first chestnut field 2.000 years ago. And this field slowly spread to 10,000 acres, reaching Megalochori...


Giannatsis Distillery

  • In the last years of the Ottoman Empire's rule, with the development of trade, the seas surrounding Lesvos were full of life and movement. Shipowners, Greek and Turkish sailors, merchants, craftsmen from Ayvalik, citizens, workers and bussiness men from Smyrna were coming and going from Lesvos to the Asia Minor coasts.
    At that time, Plomari, built in an isolated area of the island, with steep mountains, deep seas, coastal cliffs, and rocks, came slowly out of isolation and became an important industrial town and a busy commercial port. Mills, soap factories, machine shops and shipyards worked continuously. The industry brought trade, trade brought wealth, the wealth brought exploitation, and exploitation brought trade unions. Workers were forced to work 12 to 15 hours...
Plomari Distillery
Dimitriou D. Giannatsi L.T.D.

Aloneli, Plomari
Lesvos Island, 81200
Tel. 0030 2252 0 32551
Fax. 0030 2252 0 32567