The “Giannatsis Distillery” company is seated in Plomari, Lesvos. Its business activities include, production, packaging, storage and trade of alcoholic beverages. The company has developed and applies a Food Safety System which is harmonised with the requirements of the international standard ISO 22.000 vers.2018.

In the scope of the Food Safety Management System (FSMS), the Administration is committed to:

  • ensure that the food safety policy and FSMS goals are incorporated in the Organisation’s support processes and are compatible with the Organisation’s strategic orientation.
  • ensure availability of the necessary resources,
  • to notify the importance of effective food safety management and compliance with FSMS requirements, the applicable legal and regulatory requirements as well as the requirements mutually agreed with a client in relation to food safety,
  • to monitor, review and update the FSMS when necessary,
  • to promote constant improvement.

In meeting its commitments, the Administration:
  • provides the necessary resources for the maintenance and improvement of the Management System,
  • monitors the FSMS performance,
  • guides and promotes personnel participation in achieving the FSMS goals,
  • provides all possible support to senior management in exercising a leading role in their areas of responsibility,
  • ensures the professional adequacy of personnel involved with the FSMS and affect the safety of the products,
  • carries out the necessary training and updates with respect to the policy and compliance with the practices arising from implementation of the Management System,
  • maintains communication with all who affect the FSMS or are affected by it,
  • keeps up to date with and evaluates compliance with legal and regulatory provisions which apply to the company’s activities.

This policy is available to, communicated to stakeholders and is updated whenever necessary.

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